TimeScapeDAILY is one of the only automated tracking systems you can use without a smartphone

100% accurate

Track all core
business data

Daily account management

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Track from anywhere. No smartphone required!

Crews use the TimeScape pocket scanner to capture jobs, tasks and more in real-time
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  • Easy setup
  • One click point-and-capture
  • 100% accurate timesheets
  • Time on jobs and tasks
  • Track materials consumption
  • Pocket-sized, lightweight and rugged
  • Holds over 2000 scans
  • Simple data upload by USB

More accurate payroll, invoicing and job costing

Get the data you need from the field to the office

Once set up, TimeScape can seamlessly sync all data with any major business and accounting software like QuickBooks.

Sync when you want from the field to the office: daily, bi-weekly, or anytime.

TimeScapeDAILY Add-on Modules

Tackle your most difficult time and expense tracking challenges