Finding the right tools to efficiently manage a mobile workforce can be a challenge

Every minute and dollar counts toward profitability

Facilities maintenance services span a broad spectrum. Whether performing retrofits or energy upgrades, servicing HVAC and controls systems, or providing janitorial and landscaping services, your time and expense tracking needs to be as easy, accurate and seamless as possible.

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The truth is, if your time and expense tracking system is not 100% accurate, you’re losing money. Without accurate timesheets, rigorous job costing and efficient project management companies leak cash — especially those with mobile workers and subcontractors.

Uncomplicate your time and expense tracking

With time tracking software like TimeScape™ facilities management companies can easily monitor, track and report on any billable component: crews, jobs, tasks, materials, locations and assets. Automated data entry helps squeeze more profits, reduce maintenance and repair costs, extend the life of assets and minimize disruption.

  • Eliminate paperwork & complicated software
  • Automate timesheets
  • 100% accurate
  • Improve payroll tracking and job costing
  • Stay up-to-date with crew communication
  • Streamline your work order processes
  • Get accurate asset and materials status
  • Boost operational productivity

Seamless accounting and payroll

Back at the office, data from the field syncs seamlessly with QuickBooks and many other platforms for informed decision making. The TimeScape app dashboard shows real-time crew locations, time stamps, job duration, travel time and more. Staff can easily schedule and send work orders to mobile crews. Comprehensive reports display essential information at a glance.

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Facilities Management

  • Colleges & Universities
  • Office Parks
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hospital Chains

Find out why our customers love and endorse TimeScape

Time and Expense Tracking Your Way

As a leader in time and expense tracking for 18 years, Modeco Systems has a proven track record of providing the highest level of service to our customers across multiple industries. We engineered TimeScape as one of the only automated tracking systems that works with or without smart technology. Our team can adapt each software installation to ensure the unique needs of your facilities management requirements are fully met.

Discover the TimeScape solution that fits how you do business. Explore TimeScapeLIVE, our feature-rich cloud-based smart app. Learn about TimeScapeDAILY, 100% accurate, no smart devices required.

“TimeScapeLive eliminates the need for an independent GPS tracking system saving time and overhead costs. If used to its full capacity, it will pay for itself in a matter of months!”

jodi joseph testimonialJodi — Landscape Management

“We run 8 crews and I can’t imagine keeping track of that many employees, tasks and materials as accurately without Timescape!”

michael bonadio testimonialMichael — Snow & Ice, Landscape Management

“TimeScape saves me time!  As an owner/manager who doesn’t need more time in their day?”

johnette roundtree taylor testimonialJohnette — Landscape Management

“We chose TimeScape by Modeco Systems as our partner because they knew the industry issues we faced and delivered the solutions to resolve them.”

bruce testimonialBruce — Snow & Ice, Landscape Management

“TimeScape is an excellent tool for managing your daily operations! The reports are extremely beneficial for daily accountability and management of job efficiency.”

jodi joseph testimonialJodi — Landscape Management

“With TimeScape our account managers can see how the crews do from week to week and better job cost to adjust service agreements as needed.”

michael bonadio testimonialMichael — Snow & Ice, Landscape Management

“We used to keep time and attendance on paper cards and then manually enter the data into the payroll system, as well as our production tracking systems. With TimeScape’s automated system, we now save 10-15 minutes per laborer.”

bruce testimonialBruce — Snow & Ice, Landscape Management

“The best part of using TimeScapeLIVE is seeing the important data I need every day as it happens. This is a product I can truly recommend!”

johnette roundtree taylor testimonialJohnette — Landscape Management

Find out why our customers love and endorse us

TimeScape FAQs: Facilities Management

TimeScape focuses on the efficient and effective delivery of support services in a single system. We integrate people, places, and processes within one application with the purpose of improving productivity and profitability.

Yes. Our TimeScapeLIVE solution is engineered specifically for organizations with 50+ mobile workers or contractors delivering a range of services with a variety of labor costs. Advanced features like GPS tracking, live dispatch and push notifications support routine, scheduled, or preventative management of all types of FM operations: Grounds Management, Building Operations, Security, Real Estate Management.

Yes, our developers can configure TimeScape’s system logic to accommodate highly complex business systems, including Facility Management companies with large crews and unique workflows. Our customers include multi-divisional companies and city municipalities with rigorous compliance and labor union requirements. TimeScape is flexible and scalable enough to track time and expenses for real estate property management, commercial buildings, colleges and universities, hospitals, technical infrastructure, HVAC, lighting, transportation, IT-services, furniture, custodial, grounds maintenance and more.

Proven Business Value

If your facilities management company is searching for a time and expense tracking solution, join over 8,000 crew members who trust TimeScape every day. Schedule a brief demo to see how TimeScape can help turn time-savings into profits.