TimeScape digital technology lets you easily track, monitor and report on crews, jobs, tasks, materials, locations and more

Automate Time Tracking

Eliminate paperwork — automate timesheets, payroll tracking and more. TimeScapeLIVE data uploads into your business software in real-time

Track Anything, Anywhere

If it’s valuable to your business, TimeScape can track it — 100% accurate. Hands free options for automate data entry


Get the data your managers need for operational decisions — timesheet tracking, job costing asset/materials use and more

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Five Blind Spots

If your time and expense tracking system is not 100% accurate, your business is losing money.

Manually keying timesheet and expense info
Lack of accuracy, especially tracking materials
Payroll fraud — clock-in/out discrepancies
Poor reporting access of key data
Customer billing mistakes

The most lost savings come from inaccurate tracking and accounting processes — especially in businesses with remote employees, crews or sub-contractors

Which TimeScape is right for you?

TimeScape fits easily into how you do business, no matter how basic or complex your work process is